ISO Information and documentation — Records management is an international standard digitization of records; ISO – Information and documentation – Records management – Part 1: Concepts and principles; ISO/TR. ISO Information and documentation —. Records management —. Part 1: Concepts and principles. Information et documentation. The process of producing ISO Records Management is described, along the international standard ISO [1] and its associated Technical Report.

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Crunch Time: The revised ISO and the future of recordkeeping – Cassie Findlay

We saw that information and records were no longer necessarily constrained by organizational, geographic or physical limits — that new models for business were extending responsibilities for records beyond traditional organizational and jurisdictional boundaries.

In that time, a few attempts to do this revision had been mounted, only to collapse, perhaps under the weight of expectations.

This was one of the most contentious matters under discussion in the Working Group. Without embracing innovation and focusing on the special contributions that we make to accountable, efficient business, now and in the long term, we will simply slide into irrelevance.

What form will the recordkeeping professional of the future take?

Good records management is a fundamental element of good information governance and good business. Expectations for information security and privacy were also becoming increasingly significant to stakeholders — both within and outside of organizational boundaries.

Recods Thomas Wolf, http: Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. A new ISO Working Group has been formed to describe how to go about appraisal work for managing records, to further promote this new understanding for the international audience.

The Standard is not a compliance tool, and contains no auditable requirements.

Skip to content Cassie Findlay. Principles [v] At the time of writing, the work in the ISO Committee TC46 SC11 on systems design and implementation is taking the form of a revision to the three ISO Information and documentation — Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments Standards Share this: The revised Standard places a strong emphasis on appraisal as the most important tool to achieve appropriate and effective recordkeeping.


BS ISO Information and documentation. Records management. Concepts and principles

We thought that if the previous time lapse between editions was anything to go by, this new version could potentially remain in place up to the year After a long and occasionally painful development process, bywe had arrived at a revised version refords the Standard which was endorsed by our colleagues and published by Oso. We attempted, into commence our review by considering questions such as these.

We use cookies to make our recorfs easier to use and to better understand your needs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This kind of strategic, proactive approach is particularly valuable for prioritizing work on the design of systems and services where there are recordkeeping needs, and to dealing with the volume and complexity of digital records.

Overview Product Details What is this standard about?

Since its release inI have observed that reaction to the Standard has been an interesting mix of curiosity, positivity and, occasionally, confusion. The standard was revised to ensure that it meets market requirements, recores pace with the increasingly complex records management requirements demanded by evolving digital environments and takes account of the wide managemsnt of related standards that have been issued since it was first published in Click to learn more.

Rather, our preference was to develop a normative statement of what the work of keeping records isand leave tests of quality or compliance to local or industry standards-setting bodies. Often throughout the development process, we stopped to remind ourselves to think of records as data, whether structured to non-structured, along with their contextualising metadata, which also serves as a management tool over time. It includes the following principal changes:.

This decision was taken in part to ensure that it would not be perceived as only having relevance to recordkeeping professionals working in particular contexts — records managers, archivists or other — helping us to reach our continuum-thinking aspirations for the document. Who is this standard for? The Standard does not specify an audience.


Your basket is empty. Notify me of new comments via email. Machine learning, artificial intelligence rcords utilising massive volumes of data to train themselves to take over work and decision making formerly executed by people and organisations.

ISO 15489 Records management

Email required Address never made public. In this world, the analytical skills of understanding context and deciding how we want to create records in the first place, or how we make decisions about their management at critical points such as systems migrations, are vital. Several of us in the Editorial Group also argued strongly for a records continuum-inspired standard, in which the keeping of records is a continuous activity for a variety of reasons and with a variety of users than should be considered outside of constraints of time, place and custody.

We intentionally avoided certain things in the revised Standard, in order to best achieve some of the goals we set for ourselves at the start. Worldwide Standards We can source managemet standard from anywhere in the world.

Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. Information security management systems. No doubt, the stakes were high.

BS ISO 15489-1:2016

The Editorial Group was, inalso cognizant of the need to develop something that would last. We observed that when the work we do is powered by data and recorded in detail, granular and readily updatable access rules need to be executed in sophisticated ways. We decided that 1589-1 than additionally specifying a systems design and implementation methodology in the new version, we would leave this to local or industry preferences, and would look at opportunities for other products in the ISO suite recodrs records products to offer extra advice [v].

It had been formally adopted by over 50 nations and translated into 15 languages.