Nutr Cancer. ;68(1) doi: / Epub Jan Inula Viscosa Extracts Induces Telomere Shortening and Apoptosis . Overview of the medicinal plant Inula viscosa, Inula viscosa R&D, cultivation, processing, extraction and formulations by Avisco Ltd. Traditional medicine uses of Inula viscosa, folk medicine practices and refernces from traditional medicine books.

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Systematics at different levels. Some of the reactions are also presented in Figures 4— If leaching occurs then the cell is wrecked Fig. Seasonal dimorphism of Phlomis fruticosa under controlled environmental conditions.

It is considered an invasive species in Australia. Detailed observations reveal that glandular hairs, protective hairs and various mesophyll cells actually react with many histochemical reagents although the intensity of the reaction varies among those leaf constituents. Semi-thin sections of plastic embedded tissue pet were stained with: A glycosyl analogue of diacylglycerol and other antiinflammatory constituents from Inula viscosa.

Control of Plant Diseases by Extracts of Inula viscosa.

Numerous mitochondria, indicating an energy-demanding cell, and osmiophilic granules in the chloroplast on the right-hand side. Ichthyotoxic sequiterpenes and xanthanolides from Dittrichia graveolens. Pollination of an endangered Caladenia species Orchidaceae by nectar-foraging behaviour of a widespread species of colletid bee. Phenolics are abundant mainly in palisade cells.

Control of Plant Diseases by Extracts of Inula viscosa.

Dittrichia viscosa Plant List: Leaf callus has grown and the yeasts approach but cannot develop round or below the cultured cell mass arrows. Some of the compounds investigated in the fresh leaf and all the compounds of callus extracts of Inula viscosa using GC-MS.

One species among these is Inula inulw L.

Original light micrographs viscosx recorded: Archived from the original xls on Rod-shaped callus cells, no stain added. GC-MS graphs confirmed the presence of a series of compounds from the fresh leaves, including the pharmaceutically important sesquiterpene lactone named tomentosin parthenium Table 2our results being in agreement with many other investigators Lanzetta et al.


Crystals are common blue arrows in Fig. The leaves of Inula viscosa possess long protective hairs, numerous glandular hairs and stomatal complexes on visvosa the abaxial and the adaxial surfaces Figs 14, 5.

Dittrichia viscosaalso known as false yellowhead[2] woody fleabane[3] sticky fleabane and yellow fleabaneis a flowering plant in the daisy family. In vitro studies of adventitious shoot formation in Pinus conforta.

It seems that the cultured cells do not produce non-polar volatile metabolites that could be detected with GC-MS.

Olivarda – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Glandular hair of Salvia officinalis: An anatomical study of seasonal dimorphism in the leaves of Phlomis fruticosa. A similar study inulz carried out simultaneously on the secretory activity of two generations of calluses produced from leaf tissue. The negative response to DMB staining for phenolic tannin precursors, in both leaves and calluses, although tannins are present in large amounts as vacuolar inclusions in most leaf cells, indicates that the chemical constituents of the condensed tannins are produced prematurely in the leaf cells and condensation proceeds promptly at an early stage of viscoas development.

The fact that almost all the major compound groups detected on the TLC of the leaf extracts can also be detected in the callus extract and the retention of the cell’s ability to produce secondary metabolites by the second generation of calluses are encouraging factors for the possible industrial production of active compounds from mass-tissue cultures.

Dittrichia viscosa is a highly branching perennial common throughout the Mediterranean Basin.

Inula viscosa Honey

Reagents used are indicated with a label in each picture. Terpenes, phenolic derivatives and alkaloids also detected will be extensively investigated in viecosa studies. Apart from phenolic inclusions, other material, more transparent electronically, also appears in the vacuole Fig. Citing articles via Web of Science Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dittrichia viscosa.

They were subjected to histochemical reagents after 4 weeks.


Basal visosa and the conical stem of a protective hair. For these reasons, this species is of major interest for many pharmaceutical industries and a detailed study of its secreting structures is necessary. It contains an essential oil [7] and has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times, especially in the Levantas an astringent. The complex structural features of the secondary metabolites are difficult to synthesize and, despite advances in synthetic chemistry, we will depend upon biological sources for a number of them, including many drugs Pezzuto, In de-osmicated sections from plastic embedded tissue they appear brownish in colour and seem to be trapped among the grey-coloured phenolic inclusions of the vacuole white arrows in Fig.

For the observation of the uranyl-acetate- lead-citrate- double stained, ultrathin sections Reynolds,a Philips transmission electron microscope was used. Illuminating the systematics of the Spiranthes sinensis species complex Orchidaceae: Leaf structure and cytochemical investigation of secretory tissues in Inula viscosa A. Application a inyla Phanerogrames. Chasing the enzymes of secondary metabolism: A Hewlett-Packard mass selective detector in the electron impact EI ionization mode 70 eV was attached to the chromatograph for mass spectrometry.

When unicellular budding yeasts contaminate a young tissue culture, they develop on the entire surface of the culture medium, which is then covered by a white mass of yeast Fig.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Viscisa Policy. Chemical composition and fungitoxic properties to phytopathogenic fungi of essential oils of selected aromatic plants growing wild in Turkey. In vitro morphogenetic potential of various lavandin and lavender clones: Histochemical investigations revealed that various substance groups were localized in the leaf. Effects of Inula viscosa leaf extracts on abortion and implantation in rats.