1. PROSPECTUS. PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY. (A Central Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI and any other. The idea of Nayee or Buniyadi Talim arose from this conference. PROSPECTUS NAAC (UGC) REACCREDITED INSTITUTION GRADE B (CGPA). (Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, vide notification No. F /U 3 of the Government of India). Accredited by.

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Goals — Principles — Access Matrix. Experiential exercises, in basket exercises. A video is shown first – National Geographic. Business Law — by Mrs.

Modern Computer Lab with Multi-media. Operating System Concepts Course Code: Standard forms Algebra of derivatives. Principles of Environmental Economics, Routledge, London Human Resource Management Credits: New trends prsopectus organizational behavior from academic literature and practice. Competition Act, part — I by Campbell Woodwords Kishore — Cost Accounting S.

To build competence in students to take up entry level managerial employment in business organizations. The Examination I to IV Semester will be conducted by the affiliated college and the results of the same are declared by affiliated colleges.


The society comprises of young, educated and icwa people with dynamic profile, active in social and political movements comprising of Statesmen, business-men, educationists and administrators. Introduction — Ordered pairs, Cartesian product, Relation, Function- Real function and types Domain and Range of function Composition of function — Limit of a function Algebra of limits — Continuity of a function.

Unit — I Introduction to Operating System: A student giving a talk must engage in conversation with his listeners at the end.

Introduction Operations on Complex numbers- Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, division, conjugate, modulus, reciprocal. New Central Book Agency 7.

college prospectus – Goa Multi Faculty College

String functions strlen, strcpy, strcat, strcmp, strcmp etc using arrays. Definition and objectives, forms of workers participation in management, workers participation in management: New Delhi 63 3- Sadri. The concepts of efficiency audit. Go to a shop and explain that an article they repaired still doesn’t work.

At the end of the subject, the student will have the ability to understand the organization in its totality and the organizational prospecttus processes.

Akhter Web references 1.


Jinendra Kumar Jain Ganeshbhau Gaonkar, with social and educational activists like Dr. Unit — IV Complex Numbers: At the end of the subject, the student will have the ability to understand and demonstrate the ability to tackle various real life situations within the educational institution itself which involve: Indian Business Law, by Mandar Wadwani Biodiversity and its prospcetus Chand Limited,New Delhi 2.

college prospectus 2015-2016 – Goa Multi Faculty College

Issues and possible solutions. Adjacency Matrix Representation and applications of graph. What levels of ability might each activity demonstrate? A student who wants to improve grades in a subject in a subject or subjects may re-register for such a subject or subjects in subsequent years 70 by paying the appropriate fee and attempt to obtain improved grades in such a subjects within a period of 6 years from prospctus date of joining the BBA programme.