Abstract. This document is based on the original SQ80 Service Manual, which turned out to be hard to get. I was lucky getting a copy from. The (E)SQ synthesizers aswell as Ensoniq’s first sampler (which was a great .. fail and you need to reformat it manually (see for details). View and Download ENSONIQ SQ user manual online. cross wave. SQ Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Because the structural components base, control panel, wheel cover, and keyboard support rails are made of plastic, great 1.

Last week I purchased a mint condition Ensoniq SQ80 synthesizer. Once the rear of the keyboard has cleared the control panel mounting 880, the keyboard can be turned over.

If you must, wrap the entire unit in plastic first. The function of this plate is to keep the pin rippon cable from interfering with the disk drive motor. Carefully reconnect the three cables, paying particular attention to the alignment of pins and connectors.


Units with serial numbers less eensoniq may have a keyboard operating system version lower than Be sure to use machine screws in those units where brass inserts are present. Generally, the correct input level will fall in between the levels which yield the above messages.

Reconnect maunal wire harnesses paying at- tention to polarity. Turn the unit off and turn it upside down on a soft surface to replace the ten screws that secure the keyboard to the case.

Memory Backup Test a Select the sequence that was created above. Before installing the new circuit board, make sure the cardboard insulator is in place.


Full text of ” Ensoniq: If a ground wire is present, you must feed the spade lug end of the ground wire through the opening in the mteal main board shield and install it onto the screw directly across from the opening in the shield. Make sure that the eight display lens retainers are in the proper position and that the lens is clean.

The following procedure can be used to determine which component is defective. Make sure the power is off! Remove the keyboard and metal main board mahual see Appendix C. Make sure the disk drive ribbon cable is not caught underneath the keayboard standoff.

There should only be sound ensoiq from the right channel. Of course, the above messages may mean just what they say.

Insert the new keyboard rear first into the unit at the front of the keyboard cavity. If certain buttons do not function properly during manuwl SQ80 operation, test them while the unit is in self-test mode.

Faulure indicates a main board problem or a poly-pressure keyboard prob- lem. A con- sistently dead key would indicate a keyboard problem. Remove the six seres that fasten the metal main board shield if present to the case and keyboard frame.

ENSONIQ SQ-80 User Manual

Gronnd insert Initially, all screw holes in the case used self-tapping screws. This ferrite bead should be added to any earlier unit that seems to have a problem with memory loss. If the formatting attempt fails, it is likely that the disk itself is faulty. Place the amnual upside down on a soft surface. Test the unit to make sure the keyboard is working properly.

Ensoniq SQ | Vintage Synth Explorer

Power up, test the unit, and close the control panel. Failure to connect the wires to their poer post can lead to a potentioal shock hazard! To reiterate; It is not, under any circumstances, recommended esnoniq insert of an actual disk during transport nor is it recommended to use a cardboard disk sheet in place of plastic ones. Weights The weights inside the white keys of some early units have tended to fall out and roll about in the case. This configuration ensoni denoted by both the label on the top of the transformer and the part number silk-screened on the lower left of the power supply PC board.


The following information details these differences. Pressing various front panel buttons will cause the display to print characters, underscore characters, clear the screen, etc. The standoffs are intended only for support and should not be stuck down to the case.

Display Problems Units with serial numbers less than have a higher chance of having their glass fluorescent display enssoniq during transport. Appendix D Replacing the Power Supply 1. When possible, install an identical replacement drive. If the unit does not have shields, do not add them. Note; When re-initializing, the forty factory sounds will automati- calle be loaded into memory.


Please do not ship an SQ80 or replacement disk drive in a box packed with peanuts. See Appendix K for more details on how to install this ferrite bead. Carefully turn the unit right side up. This wire ensured a good ground in the event that the mamual board ground screw hole was stripped. What diskett es to use It is very important to use double-sided, double-density 3. Accessories and Parts from Syntaur.

Reconnect the three wires to the filter, again noting the proper polarity.