Archived Cigna financial reports and earnings releases can be accessed on this page. Find the shareholder information you need about Cigna online now. PDF · Form 10K (HTML). CIGNA Corporation does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report. Course details for the Cigna 10km Run including course maps, summary, start and finish times, cut off times and prizes.

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The course takes in the best highlights of the region including Frankton Arm walkway, Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown Gardens. Indicate by check mark if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule of the Securities Act. In addition, certain types of damages, such as punitive damages, may not be covered by insurance, and insurance coverage for all or certain forms of liability may become unavailable or prohibitively expensive in the future.

The International segment includes life, accident and supplemental health insurance products and international health care products and services, including those offered to expatriate employees of multinational corporations.

These activities include the administration of strategic alliances with competitors, information sharing with competitors and provider contracting. For example, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act gives banks and other financial institutions the ability to affiliate with insurance companies, which may lead to new competitors with significant financial resources in the insurance and health benefits fields.

The share repurchase program may The duration of related liabilities is typically less than one year. Given the quality and diversity Approximate dollar value of shares that may yet be purchased as part of publicly announced program 3.

Fixed income investments emphasize investment yield while meeting the liquidity requirements of the related liabilities. Generally low levels of interest rates on investments, such as those experienced in United States financial markets during recent years, have negatively impacted the level of investment income earned by the Company in recent periods, and such lower levels of investment income would continue if these lower interest rates were to continue.

Also as a result of Management does not expect this initiative to have a significant impact on the future operating results of the segment. CIGNA Pharmacy offers prescription drug plans to its insured and self-funded customers both in conjunction with its medical products and on a stand-alone basis.

CIGNA has equity and other market exposures as a result of this product. Purchase obligations exclude contracts that are cancelable without penalty or those that do not specify minimum levels of goods or services to be purchased. The Company continues to focus on the development and enhancement of its service model that is capable of meeting the challenges brought on by the increasing product and service complexity and the heightened expectations of health care customers. As of December 31.


Because these investments have a subordinate position in the capital structure, the Company assumes a higher level of risk for higher expected returns. The increase in was primarily due to the issuance of debt in connection with the Great-West Healthcare acquisition.

Cigna 10km – Hawke’s Bay International Marathon

CIGNA regularly evaluates the assumptions used in establishing reserves and changes its estimates if actual experience or other evidence suggests that earlier assumptions should be revised.

This fluctuation reflects the clgna of significant improvements in the equity markets on guaranteed minimum death benefit contracts, compared with equity market declines during However, the value of well located, well leased, institutional quality real estate appears to be stabilizing. The cash value earns interest at rates declared from time to time, subject to a minimum guaranteed rate, and may be borrowed, withdrawn, or used to fund future 10m insurance coverage.

As of December 31,the field sales force for the products and services of this segment consisted of approximately sales representatives in 27 field locations. CIGNA generally bears the risk if claims and expenses exceed premiums, but has the potential to recover these deficits from margins in future years if coverage is renewed.

These affinity partners primarily include banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. In our opinion, these financial statement schedules present fairly, in all material respects, the information set forth therein when read in conjunction with the related consolidated financial statements. Health Risk Assessment, an online interactive tool through which consumers can identify potential health risks and monitor their health status. Management believes that it has the capabilities and appropriate strategy to allow it to compete against both traditional and new competitors.

As with other experience-rated insurance products, CIGNA HealthCare may recover deficits from margins in future years if the policy is renewed. The policyholder is responsible for funding all claims up to a predetermined aggregate, maximum amount, and CIGNA bears the risk for claim costs incurred in excess of that amount. Managed dental care products are offered in 36 states and the District of Columbia through a network of independent providers that have contracted with CIGNA to provide dental services to members.

Wellington Round the Bays – Wellington’s iconic fun run and walk

The principal competitive factors are: Management does not anticipate that this implementation will have a material impact on the amount of dividends expected to be paid by CGLIC to the parent company in Also, the equity market volatility, particularly during the second half of the year, impacted the effectiveness of the hedge program. Premiums and fees charged for most insured health care products and for disability and life insurance products are generally set in advance.


For medical and dental products, profitability reflects the accuracy of cost projections for health care unit costs and utilizationthe adequacy of fees charged for administration and risk assumption and effective medical cost and utilization management.

For products using networks of contracted providers, premiums reflect assumptions about the impact of provider contracts and utilization management on future claims.

CIGNA HealthCare also provides disability and life insurance products that were historically sold in connection with certain experience-rated medical products.

Annual Reports and Proxy Statements

Participation in government sponsored health care programs subjects CIGNA to a variety of federal laws and regulations and risks associated with audits conducted under these programs.

Important information, including news releases, analyst presentations and financial information regarding CIGNA is routinely posted on and accessible at www.

Typically, most providers are re-credentialed every three years. The principal services provided by the COLI business are issuance and administration of the insurance policies e. Must be 7 years of age on race day to compete. Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer. In recent years, perceived abuses in broker compensation practices have been the focus of greatly heightened regulatory scrutiny.

CIGNA Disability and Life plans provide employers, among other services, flexible enrollment options, list billing, medical underwriting, and individual record keeping. In addition, CIGNA incurs and likely will continue to incur liability for claims related to its health care business, such as failure to pay for or provide health care, poor outcomes for care delivered or arranged, provider disputes, including disputes over compensation, and claims related to self-funded business.

Because of the higher yields and the inherent risk associated with privately placed investments and below investment grade securities, gains or losses from such investments could affect future results of operations. The funds typically invest in mezzanine debt or equity of privately held companies and equity real estate.

CIGNA HealthCare offers a wide array of health advocacy programs and services to help individuals improve the health of the mind and body, including:. Further, CIGNA could have losses attributable to its 110k to recover amounts from retrocessionaires or ceding companies either due to disputes with the retrocessionaires or ceding companies or their financial condition.