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It may be necessary to trim its length a bit. This can be prevented by adding phosphoric acid, in a proportion of 0. Add more hot water to the pan if needed.

The gas is bubbled through until the generator no longer pro- duces. It only means that it is likely to be overlooked. NOTE – You will notice that there may be some variance in pipe sizes.

Full text of “Assorted nasties”

The contents will melt and bubble. You would be surprised at what is available on the open market, if you approach the retailer in the right way that is, don’t look like anythingother than a normal person and do a little background research on the chemi- cal you wish to purchase, so as to be able to intelligently discuss itif needed.

This particulur species is so poisonous thathandlingit with the bare hands assorred cause serious, though probably not fatal, poisoning. In one test, adult Phyllobates aurotaema yielded mg of mixed alka- loids, while adult Dendrobates tricolor yielded 80 rig.


The cya- nide will solidify and should be broken up while still warm and stored in an airtight container. The only difference will be that there are no biological agents listed.


This is the primer charge.

FORM – Colorless oily liquid with a mousy odor. This is typically no mote than micrograms maximum. Remember – any leaks with this weapon while you are carrying it will likely be fatal.

The head is routinely poisoned this is in violation of the ancient Chinese Martial Code governing the use of this weapon.

The synthesis of GB is fairly straightforward, but extremely dangerous for anyone not intimately famil- iar with organic chemistry procedure.

Assorted Nasties, David Harber. (Paperback )

It is odorless, tase- less, undetectable, untreatable, and fatal in minute dose. Glue them together w i th rubber cement to form a thick rubber pad. The HCN vapors will pass into the condenser where they will become liquid.

Remember – they only have to penetrate deep enough to insert the toxin. Injection dosage is approximately the same as inhalation. Most of the products listed are commercially available anticholinestera. Place a strip assored emery paper on a drill rod, chuck rt in a drill, and hone the mside of the large pipe nipple until it is smooth. Draw off the bottom water layer and discard. A good military mask and decontamination suit should be available.

The lag time involved is so long and so widely variable that it would be difficult to figure out what the cause of death was. It is the culmi- nation of five years research in the field, including items unavailable or undiscovered when the original was compiled. If you need it even assortted, proceed to step 4. This will function as a safety. This assoted a very good grade of H and entirely suitable for most purposes.


Practice blowing the dart out with a hard, quick puff of air. Also, the bullet itself in much lighter than the original hollow point, so much less powder is needed. Discard the skins when done. The remainder is then filtered and allowed to dry overnight at room temperature. Cut four rubber disks from an old inner tube. No details of construction are really necessary, just consult the illustration. They are best used in revolvers or derringer-type pistols.

The result is crude coniine. Therefore this is 46 47 Gases Assorted Nasties the best place to acquire them. Several drops of filler should drip from the wick onto the target.

The war gases, such as Sarin, VX, or Mustard may be delivered by the tech- nique of explosive dissemination, if meant as an area weapon. In the process you will sasorted at least half of your 4. Most, however, are not beyond the range of anyone familiar with proper laboratory tech- nique.

Yield will depend on the species of the frogs used. Wash the filter cake with two ml portions of anhydrous ethyl ether. When dry, taste a tiny amount of the powder. Yield is about The basic safety equipment for working with these materials iii are surgical rubber gloves and a dust mask. Testing Poison Bullets – An excellent method of testing these types of bullets is to use a”Fackler Box”.