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ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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ALTRONIX OLS77 / Ols77 (Rqaus1) – $ | PicClick

Person Reader i5 Processor. Visitor Badge – Paper for Zebra 4″ wide x 3″ tall adhesive back – badge roll. Person Reader i3 Processor – Adequate for up to registered people. The exterior deterrents include a first set of motion detectors which sense the presence of an intruder and provide a signal to speakers to produce a verbal warning response.

The passive infrared sensor 18 has a cover range of 50 feet away from the building wall. Mounting of one 1 reader – Surface mounted on the pedistal top or front flat surface – mounting bracket included.

6062 typical applications, Tr g, Member – Altronix 6062 Installation Instructions User Manual

Mini Dome Camera Housing. Visitor Badge – Paper 4″ x 2. Visitor Badge – Paper 3. Wire Speed Kit atlronix Three board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs.

Graphic Display – Small LED indicator that displays a green or a red signal at the lane ends to indicate whether the lane is locked or unlocked – per lane.

The protective armor 12 is custom designed to the specification of a particular application. Defined broadly, the present invention is an anti-graffiti apparatus in combination with a fixed structure which has a specific area and a main water supply source for deterring a tagger from performing altronjx, the apparatus comprising: Mounting of one 1 reader – Surface Mount. MR50 Elevator Mounting Bracket. Person Reader i7 Processor.

Schlage wireless integrated mortise lock with multitech reader. A logic circuit is connected to the fire sensor and the fire extinguishing device for actuating the aaltronix extinguishing device as driven by the fire sensor.

Looking for a Low Cost On Delay Timer

Multi-grade stereo anti-intruding system, apparatus and implementing method based on wireless sensing net. The two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 overlap each other for spraying the building wall and the tagger. Managed lock power included. The anti-graffiti apparatus has at least one sensor which is electrically connected to at least one in-line water valve which in turn is connected to a series of sprinkler spray heads which will spray water or other graffiti removing substances onto the walls.


The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 12 wherein said volts alternating current supply is connected to a power supply for supplying power to said at least one valve and said at least one sensor. Converter – 1 Reader.

Wire Speed Kit – Three board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control.

It comprises a fire sensor for monitoring a condition indicative of a fire and signals the sensing of the condition.

Supports up to 64 Total Floor Stops. Corner Bracket – Internal Mount. Kit expandable to 8 doors with the addition of 2 x MR Requires annual license, Part Once a structure has been tagged, the municipality arranges to either have the graffiti erased or have the structure painted to cover the graffiti.

Replaces Casi Power and Communications Wltronix. It is also an object of the present invention to provide an anti-graffiti apparatus which utilizes two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads, so that one of the sprinkler head sprays water on the building wall to prevent graffiti on the wall and the alrronix sprinkler head sprays alrtonix at the tagger for scaring and getting the tagger drenched. IR Speed Domes 2. A first timer means 40 is provided with the anti-graffiti apparatus and is electrically connected to the in-line valve 20 for controlling the time limit to deactivate the two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 from spraying water.

It is therefore highly desirable to have a very efficient and also very effective design and construction of an anti-graffiti apparatus which has the capability of rapidly and effortless spraying a building wall or any other structure with water or other lubricating substance to prevent the spray altfonix from adhering to the structure and also to deter the potential tagger who may flee to avoid being sprayed.


Supports remote power management for 1 addional enclosure PS. SIO kits ordered separately. Further novel features and other objects of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description, discussion and the appended claims, taken in conjunction with the drawings.

The motion of the tagger is sensed by the passive infrared sensor 18 which activates the in-line valve which in turn activates the two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 to spray water on the building wall and the tagger, thereby deterring the tagger from performing an unauthorized tagging on private or public property.

It is also an object of the present invention to provide an anti-graffiti apparatus which utilizes a protective armor so that the entire internal functions of the anti-graffiti apparatus is protected from vandals or taggers. Next Day and Second Day Air service is available for an additional fee. His current demands are 10s of mA. The pop out sprinkler heads are angled to be moved in accordance to the average graffiti height and the varying height of the device.

Expand to 8 readers with 3 x MR It comprises a cleaning chamber, a nozzle for directing a spray of solvent against the article to be cleaned in the chamber, and a pump for supplying solvent to the nozzle.

A volts alternating current supply 32 is connected to a power supply 34 which supplies power to the anti-graffiti apparatus. Aperio External Antenna for Wireless Hub. I wouldn’t build 10K of them.

altronix Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

That the opamp can handle by itself. Items that must go by LTL Freight Carrier due to size or weight restrictions, buyer will be contacted to 600 additional freight. All shipments are fully insured. Rush and off-hours service is available for an additional fee. A smartphone instead of a card is used for access through portals or to floors. Control Box – Remote desktop console display – per lane.